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When She and He Loves, and be Loved. 

   When a woman loves, she will shower affections & servings. When a man loves, he will put all his sweat on work to provide. When a woman is loved, … Continue reading

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The Crossing

   There will be one person in your life, that will make you pause and glanced when you first met. Something in them ticks your heart and triggers your eyes. … Continue reading

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BEKAL DARI IBU is in Kompas today, 10 May 2015. This one is for you Mama.. We started this as a gift for you, we launched it at Dad’s 40 … Continue reading

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Eternal Love.

After all the lessons about selflessness, kindness & patient you have taught me in life, you taught me 2 last thing: A miraculous fighting spirit selflessly until your last breath, … Continue reading

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May Day: Flatline.

……. it was 8.30-ish in the morning, when I was sitting in front of the ICU, having a normal morning in our 91st day staying in this hospital. The elevator … Continue reading

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Hiccups. In life we’ll find moments of hiccups. At times we least expect. It stops us from moving. It holds us back from standing strong. Often it comes simultaneously, in … Continue reading

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People & feelings, as I travel.

People. I enjoy most watching and observing people & feelings surrounds me as I travel. People are beautiful. Feelings are priceless. Go tell me to travel alone I’d never feel … Continue reading

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